Delta Circle

"The more we talked with Jordan about our vision the easier it was to work with him. We had many ideas and he contributed his expertise to create engaging and cost effective solutions." ~ Bob & Tammy


"We were so thrilled with Jordan's dedication and creativity. From the start he took our dreams and made them reality. Soon after we signed the contract we discovered we were pregnant and Jordan took it in stride. His crew and subcontractors were most understanding and made the process so exciting and rewarding." ~ Elizabeth



“Having lived in our previous home for over 20 years we always had the dream of building a new home. We ultimately chose Jordan because he listened to what we wanted while other builders gave us the option of Plan A, B or C. During construction he maintained open communications, always returning our calls, open to our questions and suggestions and even bringing new opportunities to us. Overall there were no surprises. We would recommend Jordan.” ~ Kim & Jim


"We've known Jordan for years. He has an excellent reputation for being particular and detailed. He provided lots of choices and guided us to the best options. We could not be happier. We built right next to our existing home so we were able to watch the whole process day by day. The people working for him were professional and filled all our dreams." ~ Aaron & Kelly


"After the kids moved out we began our search for a smaller, quality home. We took two years to find this home and it was well worth the wait. The minute we walked in we were captiviated by the tile floors, distinctive ceiling work and the most amazing shower we had ever seen. Every where we turned quality was evident, all this in a spec house. We consider ourselves fortunate to be living in a Lemons Construction Home." ~ Fadra & Russ